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Following content will be covered in workshop.

Beginning of Buffettt

Beginning as an investor, money manager and businessman

Buffettt's Mentors

Mentors and Influencers to Warren Buffettt

Principles of Mindset

Principles: Ordinary Mindset to Buffettt's Mindset

Principles of Action

Buffettt’s Principles: What to Buy

Buffettt’s Principles: How to Buy

Buffettt’s Principles: How to Sell

Principles of Behaviour

Buffettt’s Principles: Do's and Don'ts for Retail Investors

Workshop Outcomes:

After attending workshop, participants are expected to…

  • Understand what are the characteristics of a successful investor, Warren Buffettt
  • Understand how to identify and analyse businesses
  • Understand what are the advantages of creating and maintaining portfolio of great businesses
  • Understand how to avoid mistakes and learn from other great investors

Profile of Resource Person

Dr. Yuvaraj Vyas has developed unique content on the basis of rigorous research on Warren Buffettt Letters, Berkshire Hathaway AGMs, Several Books on Warren Buffettt, Buffettt’s Interviews etc. A believer of the simple philosophy ‘Read 2 Learn’, he is an MBA and a Ph.D. in Management having 16 years of experience in academics and industry together. He’s got NISM-Series XV – Research Analyst certificate and attended ‘Advanced Data Analysis for Business Research Using Statistical Packages, GTU’. He is UGC-NET qualified in Management subject.

He is currently pursuing entrepreneurial journey through training, skill development and mentoring to graduates by founding My School of Finance. His deep interest in business management and research is espoused through fundamental research and extensive study of various investment philosophies, behavioral finance, top management behavior across businesses and various business models across the industries.

He loves to explore life and works of thoughtful investors and independent thinkers like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Phil Fisher, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch, Ray Dalio, Howard Marks, Mohnish Pabrai, Ramdev Agarwal, Saurabh Mukherjee, Jim Collins, Naval Ravikant, John Bogle and many more. He enjoys talking about them and deriving new perspectives to life and investing.

For more than last 4 years, he has been extensively reading words of wisdom from Warren Buffett. He has done thorough analysis of various books on Warren Buffett, Buffett’s Letters, Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Reports and 400 hours of videos on Buffett. He is rigorously researching and designing new training modules based on Investment Principles and Philosophy of Warren Buffett.

Mode: Offline

Duration: One Day

Number of Sessions: 3

Duration: 5 Hours

Who Can Participate

Following can be beneficiaries of the workshop.

  • Students and Faculty Members across all disciplines
  • Investment Professionals
  • Employees of Corporate Companies
  • Investors at large

Ideal Number of Participants:

Ideal size is 40-100 participants.


Resource Person Fees: Rs. 15,000 (Fifteen Thousand) Plus Travelling Expenses

Disclaimer: This workshop is for educational purposes only.